Welcome to the website of the Association of Southern African Schools and Departments of Public Administration and Management (ASSADPAM). ASSADPAM is a professional network of higher education schools and departments in the disciplines of Public Administration, Public Management, Public Governance and Development Management in Southern Africa. It was established in its current format in 2002 to promote the interests of these disciplines and of the scholars active in these fields. 

The objectives of ASSADPAM are inter alia to:

  • Promote the academic growth and expansion of the disciplines involved by creating and facilitating a forum for continuous academic discourse and dialogue;

  • Provide an institutional base for one or more professional academic journals;

  • Promote joint academic research, education and consultancy projects among member institutions;

  • Promote improvement of scholarly standards of teaching, research and community interaction in these fields and support institutional and individual capacity building to meet and improve these standards;

  • Improve specifically the theory, rigour and relevance of teaching and research methods in these disciplines;

  • Promote the collective interests of established as well as emerging academics and researchers in these disciplines in Southern Africa, and

  • Promote a continuous reduction in the gap between research, training and practice in Public Administration and Management.

Our page on ASSADPAM history summarises how the organisation came about.

This site further contains general information about ASSADPAM, while more specialised resources and employment opportunities are available to ASSADPAM members on our intranet after login here.

News Flash


Professor Frederik Uys Awarded the “2014 ICPA Best Theory Paper” at the 2014 ICPA Conference.

Professor Frederik Uys had the opportunity to attend the 10th International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA)  which was held in Chengdu, China from 24 -26 October 2014,  where he delivered a paper on "Integrated Public Management: A Theoretical and Practical Analysis in The South African  Governance Context". The paper was delivered under the theme of "Good Governance". Apart from the critical analysis of the existing integrated policies and practices in South Africa, the paper concludes with specific strategies regarding improved integrated collaboration between the public and private sectors (Public-Private Partnerships) and the three spheres of government (Public-Public cooperation)within the South African context. The paper won the "Award for the 2014 ICPA Best Theory Paper" received for the 2014 ICPA Conference out of 679 International academic and practical papers submitted for the conference, of which 154 were published. The School of Public Leadership would like to congratulate Prof Frederik Uys for this wonderful achievement.

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